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PCB Designs

A great circuit design deserves a great PCB layout. Our PCB designers supports on making great layouts, error free, millstone. Our focus on the engineering and designing of Commercial Boards, Wafer Boards (Probe Cards) and DUT Boards has expanded to include leading-edge design Techniques for High Speed Designs and Power Supplies. Today, we pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly assimilate technology and use it to meet dynamic customer requirements. Our full-service portfolio now addresses the entire gamut of customer needs, from design to product realization and mass Designs.

We believe it takes experience, talent, hard work, and attention to detail to make high quality layouts. These attributes are the core focus of our design group. Also our design group is continuously exposed for learning latest technologies. Our Design Team is developed and guided by a group of designer who has 15+ years’ of experience with CID Certification from IPC USA.

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PCB layout is a complex combination of art and science. The most artfully crafted layout is nothing unless the circuit works. Our Team is well versed in the science of EMI, crosstalk, reflections, bypass and decoupling methodologies, minimizing inductance and minimizing loop area, and complex fan-out methods. We create beautiful art that works the first time with high quality.

GeoCAD offers a complete design service including Schematic Capture, Part Library work, Layout, Documentation, Conversions between EDA tools and Reverse Engineering with well experienced designers, our design team has the ability to focus their attention on detailed and quality to support projects of any size and complexity. All our design under go with peer review at the final stage to ensure our layout design deliverables are error free. At any stage of design we can hold teleconferences where the designer and engineer can review the design real-time and both parties can manipulate our design software from any remote location.

Deliverable's :

PCB and Schematic files.
Design Rule Check file.
PCB Net list file.
Assembly drawing.
Gerber (CAM) of all layers, solder mask, solder paste, Pick and Place data, silk screen.
NC Drill files. Checklist file.
Signal integrity and EMI/EMC reports.
Documentation check lists.
Deliverables via email and on magnetic or optical media.


Our capabilities encompass the full design flow from start to end including, analyzing Customer Inputs, library organization, Schematics, Translating schematics to layouts, Placement and Critical Routing's, Plane segmentation and Post processing which is based on manufacturing aspects and Deliverable's within Scheduled Timings.

GeoCAD specializes in high-performance PCB Layout design by using high-end EDA tools like 




1. Schematics like Orcad Capture, DX Designer PowerLogic,Protel99se,Cadstar or in PDF of Schematic
2. Bill of materials for the layout
3. Datasheets
4. Design type: Digital, Analog, Power supply, RF design, Test Boards, Mother Boards, DUT, Probe Cards.
5. Design Application in brief
6. Board thickness, Mechanical inputs like board size, fixed connector locations, Height restriction an external layers
7. Preferred EDA Tool:
8. Constraints, List Current capacity for high Current signals with values
9. Rough Placement Details
10. Reference board if possible


1. Footprint and Placement Approval
2. Critical signals and Routing Approval
3. Approval Gerber’s (PDF,RS 274-x)
4. Eco Changes Reports
5. PCB Netlist and Comparison with Customer Netlist Reports, DRC Reports
6. Final BOM from Layout
7. Final Gerber’s Electrical Layers(RS274-x,PDF)
8. NC Drill (Excellon)
9. Assembly Layers
10. Documentation Layers(Silk Screens, Solder mask, Solder Paste)
11. Fabrication Drawings(Drill Drawing)
12. IPC 356 netlist
13. Comp_XY.xls


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